Reward Excellence Scheme.

Congratulations to Ely, Colchester, Leicester and South Bucks whose Care Practitioners of the month for October have also been been awarded the following in accordance with the Reward Excellence Scheme for October:

Ely: Congratulations to Harriet M. from our Ely Branch who was awarded Ely Employee of the month and also received a £200.00 Bonus from Head Office as part of our Reward Excellence Scheme. Harriet stayed with a service user whilst they were admitted to hospital; full details are set out further below.
Colcehster: Jacqueline W – £100
Leicester: Sue P – £50
South Bucks: Kelly B £25

Congratulations to our October 2016 Care Practitioners of the month.

Chelmsford – Suzanne B is always willing to help when needed. She  will always go above and beyond to help us out in the branch when we need her. Suzanne is very kind and always helps out where  she can. She always answers her  phone and is always very polite to talk to. She  is very kind and polite and bubbly to the  service users. She will go to different areas when needed with no complaints from her. Pictured below is Suzanne with her voucher and certificate

Cheltenham – Renata S has had a very challenging time since joining.  She has worked well beyond her role and expected extra duties covering care calls before and after office duties with very little time off even at weekends.  Renata is very supportive both to the Deputy branch manager and the care team and takes time to explain things and to encourage staff communication.

Chiswick – Cathlyn B is always willing to help, will  work outside her availability if asked.  Compliments received via telephone from social services in relation to the hard work Cathlyn has put in supporting one of the service users who is Alcohol dependent. Overall Cathlyn has proved to be hardworking, caring, competent  care worker. Cathlyn was even willing to take a service user to a hospital appointment in her own time as social services were refusing to pay the extra time. She used her own initiative by going out to buy new clothes for the service user

Colchester – Jacqueline  W has  frequently helped on her days off or Weekends off. Jacqueline goes out of her way to help Service users as another carer couldn’t get in they phoned Jacqueline and she climbed the fence to back garden and gained entry to back door and service user was on the floor and Jacqueline called 999 then informed us.


Crystal Palace – Sarah MW has helped cover calls outside her availability and also helped with on call and in other areas outside of Bromley.

Dartford – Tahni M is an all round team player, Tahni will always help out desks, cover of calls, spot checks, well being checks.  Tahni always provides great feedback on all service  users, goes the extra mile to sort out any issues that are reported to her.

Ely – Harriet M stayed on after her shift recently to support a service user who had been taken ill and needed to go to hospital. Harriet should have left at 9::30 pm but travelled to the hospital and stayed until 3am to ensure that the person was aware of what was happening. She kept the service user calm, and made the admission on to the ward much smoother and acted as an advocate for the service user to ensure their needs were heard and met  by the hospital staff.

Enfield –  Patricia N  will help the Enfield Team whenever requested even if ask to work outside her availability. Patricia is a very hard working care worker, Patricia on occasions will change her annual leave dates to help her team.

Ipswich – Holly G picked up early morning and late night visits outside of her availability.  Holly has grown massively since she started, she is such a team player always willing to help out where she can.  She always excels above and beyond.


Leicester – Sue P helped out on on call by working on her day off and moved areas to help out with the new contract. Sue works very well with Service Users, puts them at ease is friendly and chatty.  No task is too much for her always willing to go out of her way for clients.

Lewisham – Merisha W covered work outside her availability, helped in the office when care coordinators are off, also covered  calls for the Bromley  team (Crystal Palace). She also helps with timesheets when needed. Merisha is a very caring and helpful person , if she can help in any way she will.

Luton – Awais A always picks up extra work. Various compliments received including a lovely compliment from a service user who was upset to learn Awais was going on holiday for 2 weeks. He said he was one of the best carers he has ever had.

Milton Keynes – Maria L will go out in the evening to do spot checks and is always available for carers to seek advice. During recent supervisions Maria has received positive feedback, has a good relationship with office members and will always communicate.

Norwich – Leanne R will always pick up a round of work on her weekend off at short notice and has offered to help during her holidays.  One service user classed her as “her star girl”. Ensuring everything is completed and asks if anything else can be done.  Leanne has a lovely manner towards staff and service users.

Nottingham – Carol B often picks up outstanding calls and additional work when asked. With good attendance 1 day this year off sick. Regular praise from service users when completing quality telephone monitoring and home visits. Communicates well with office very conscientious and caring for wellbeing of all service users.

Oxford – Ordette P regularly starts work early and finishes late during staff sickness.

Sheffield – Hayley W always help out covering any extra care calls outside of her usual availability. Hayley always reports and documents any issues or incidents when out delivering care. Hayley always provides t feedback on all service users, and ensures any issues that are reported to her are reported back to her care co-ordinator.

South Bucks – Kelly B has worked outside her scheduled times to support the needs of the service at short notice, ensuring her family are looked after.  Kelly receives compliments on the care delivered and has never received negative feedback. She never displays negativity in the work place.

Southwark – Juliana B agreed to go and check on a service user even though she was at home cooking.  Juliana is very patient and gentle, she is easy to work with and gives advice and guidance.  Juliana is very reliable, always willing to help out when she can, especially at short notice.

Symal – Avis M has excelled as always in her role as a Care Practioner. Avis continues to devote all her extra time no matter when asked to her Service Users. A very dedicated, passionate and caring lady. Highly Praised by Key Professionals/ Service Users and Families – Thank you for all your hard work.

Wandsworth – Claudette B is always goes extra miles to help coordinators specially weekends.  Claudette is very reliable, honest, efficient and hardworking. Claudette always receives compliments from her service users.