Cambridgeshire – Miho L has recently joined Westminster Homecare as part of a TUPE of staff from better health care so has only been here a short time. Miho from day one has helped us ensure that the service users that transferred to Westminster felt reassured about what could be difficult situation. Miho has helped with the writing of care plans and making sure that any important information was transferred to us.

Miho also had to deal with a recent and difficult situation in which she found a service that had just passed away. On ringing the ambulance she was advised to give CPR which she did until the ambulance arrived. Although Miho could not save the service user who had had a heart attack she acted in a professional way throughout and followed all instructions given. Miho was there to support the family who arrived on the scene, she dealt with them sensitively and showed them pure kindness and compassion in their time of sadness.

Cheltenham – Helen M.  – since joining the team, Helen has regularly been required to cover care shifts both before and after her office hours.  This has been on-going for months due to problems with staff shortage and recruitment in branch.  Helen has cancelled plans at short notice, and sometimes worked from before 7am and until after 10pm with office shifts between.

Despite 2 very recent bereavements, Helen has attended work, continued to cover extra shifts without fail, even though she doesn’t want to, and has acted professionally.

Helen has made received many compliments from clients and their family carers since she started her role due to her positive approach, smile and caring nature.  She communicates well, has a problem-solving approach and offers realistic solutions.  She strives to build working relations within both office and care teams and helps out with many varied tasks to support the branch.

Helen has been instrumental in arranging therapy assessments for provision of equipment to enhance our client’s comfort and safety and undertakes regular on-call duties; the office and care teams are confident of her support.

When I had an unexpected bereavement, Helen took charge by liaising with the Ops Team and arranging cover for my care shifts, which was quite a challenge due to staff shortages.  At this time, the Care Co-ordinator was away and, in addition to her main role and extra care shifts, Helen was the only team member covering on-call phone duties.

Chiswick – Khadija M is very helpful, on her days off she will work and help out .She is professional and has shown she is committed to her job. Khadija  is up to date with training, currently enrolled on the QCF and has very good communication skills.

Colchester – Paula J

Ely – Christine S has been nominated for her bravery at saving a service user when she choked on some food at the dinner table. 5 other service users were at the table when the service user began to become distressed and started choking. Christine acted fast without hesitation and carried out first aid, she had learnt what to do just days earlier. Christine remained calm and instructed service users to move out of the area and to make colleagues aware. The service user was very grateful and thankful to Christine and has also mentioned to management how Christine had saved her life.

Enfield/Waltham Forest  – Huria S. has been working outside usual availability and has been very helpful helping out on weekends out of her availability.  Huria is very good in logging in and out, when she has to do timesheets they are always in on time and always attends training. Mrs C only stayed with WHC as a private client because of this carer, Mrs C said she likes Huria as she listens to her and understands her and the carer is very good.  Always calls in to let us know if she is running late, or  has any concerns.

Havering – Desma S

Ipswich – Camilla L will always pick up work outside of her availability and is always on time.  Cami has been working in Felixstowe for a month and has received compliments from many S/U’s.  Cami is also an excellent, organised senior care practitioner and has great feedback from the field care supervisors regarding her professional approach. Her communication has come along way since she started and is in touch with us daily.  Cami has never received Care Practitioner of the month but deserves it as she is an all round fantastic employee!

Leicester – Tej B.  when asked if she can do extra work she always helps out, calls the office when there is a problem with her login or any issues and she is up to date with her training.  She is polite and kind to her service users and when she calls the office.

Pictured below Tej receiving her certificate from Dave B (Branch Manager)

Luton – Manjit K always picks up extra work for the office and never complains. She is positive and goes above and beyond her role. Even with a full rota, Manjit ensures she provide the highest standard of care. Compliments have been received from the office staff regarding Manjit’s helpfulness and positive attitude towards the service users and the company. Manjit communicates very well with the office and the service users. Manjit always reports to the office if a service user is unwell or if she feels their needs have changed. This enables us to provide a quality personalised service. Manjit also reports bad practice to the office so that we can deal with it. Manjit has been with the company for a year and she is an asset to the team. She is passionate about the elderly and genuinely cares for all of her service users. Manjit never complains and always smiles. She has a great relationship with the office staff as well as the service users.

Milton Keynes – Michaela W will pick up additional calls – she never hands her calls back.  Michaela will work outside her availability to help out when required. Various service users have spoken to Michaela’s line manager and say how pleased they are with the care that has been delivered.  She will call the office and inform us of any problems or issues she may have.  Michaela is a very confident carer; she is always polite and always looks smart.  We have not had any issues with Michaela since she joined our team in Mar 2016.

Norwich – Claire P found  a service user stuck under her recliner chair after it had malfunctioned when she visited in the morning.  Claire called on call and informed them, she then went back after each of her calls to check on the service user and made sure she was safe while they waited for the engineer.  At 21.30 the engineer still had not been out to fix the chair and Claire had to call 999.  Claire then waited with the service user to keep her calm and reassured her until the paramedics arrived.  Claire went out of her way to ensure the service user felt safe.  Claire has also helped out a lot in December with picking up extra calls out side of her availability.  This includes working on her days and weekends off.  Claire has been a big support to the office and oncall team over the Christmas period

Sheffield – Jenny H is happy to support the branch with ordering service users medication and delivers this to service users in her own time. Picked up a shift Christmas day when it was her day off. Once when a service user had flooded the kitchen Jenny immediately went round in her own time to help the service user clean up and waited until a plumber to arrive. Jenny has received compliments from most of her service users and also the District Nurse and always informs the office of any concerns or issues she needs to raise.

South Bucks – Paulo S is an amazing team player. He is respected by his work colleagues, clients and their families.  He always helps the oncall/office team in time of need when someone calls off sick, car broken down, behind schedule.  He is amazing with challenging clients, remains calm in all situations. He changed his availability to suit the service needs.  He worked extra and changed his days off over the X-mas period as we struggled to cover the workload.  He is always on time for shift, care calls and it does not bother him if the office asks him to go back to some of the challenging clients to do something extra for them or check on their welfare.

Paulo has never been off sick and is always reliable and we could say he is our most reliable staff member.

Paulo has very person centred approach towards his clients as he knows clients preferences, hobbies and interests.  In December 2016 we received a compliment from ED sister who was very impressed with Paulo’s support when Paulo does ED sitting call, he always selects the CD with the music which keeps this very challenging client quiet and calm.

We have never had a simple complaint about Paulo’s work ethics.

When Paulo calls the office, he always cheers you up as he seems to be happy all the time as he truly enjoys his work.  We could send him to male or female client’s even if he has never done the call before and he manages to keep them all equally happy as he finds out the most important information about the client. He always reports any issues and concerns to the office, gives client’s feedback, he tries new things.  Ho goes the extra mile , empowering clients and enabling them to take control of their own choices.  When somebody mentions they would like to attend Day centre, clubs, exhibitions etc Paulo volunteers to look for the relevant information on the internet – he found a Support Group for one of the clients with Parkinson disease and it opened the door for him to communicate with other people fighting the same disease, to make new friends and not to feel isolated anymore.

He is a good mentor for new starters as he is very knowledgeable, experienced, calm, friendly, very charming and respectful and he is happy to share his knowledge with new staff.  Paulo always shows a very positive attitude both about clients and our company.  The branch is very lucky to have Paulo in our team and it makes our life easier as we could book new starters to shadow Paulo in the community knowing that he always works up to expected professional standards.

Everybody loves Paulo and everybody needs our Paulo in their life!!

Wandsworth – Veena SR always goes extra miles for her service user even her days of if we do not find a cover she is always ready to help. Veena always log in and out if any problem she always lets office knows and gets the time sheet signed by service user.   Recently when our field supervisor visited few of Veena’s service users for a review every one   including the NOK complimented Veena.   Veena is very good with communication any concerns regarding service user she reports immediately to the office. Veena is very reliable and committed and is always on time to her service user and a good team player.

Pictured below Veena (centre) receiving her award from Shaina (left) Branch Manager Wandsworth