Bucks – Andrei-Mihai V works on the most difficult double up round we have and since him and his partner Madalina adopted this round, we did have not had any complaints or concerns from the service users or their families.   He has an outstanding quality to remain calm under pressure and to calm down the people around him. He thinks three steps ahead and always helps the office/ on-call to do extra calls on top of his already extremely busy schedule   he will also work on his day off if we are really struggling to cover sickness or annual leave.

Andrei has amazing 91% according to CM 2000 logins which is beyond all expectations for 600 visits completed in February 2017. Andrei had completed his induction training and also attends any refresher training he is an active team player in training and always ready to support his colleagues if they need it.  Andrei absorbs the training like a sponge and then implements this in the field when he is delivering care.

Andrei receives compliments from all of his service users and their families, his attitude is caring and compassionate. In February 2017 we received three  written compliments for Andrei which are recorded on HCR.  When Andrei takes annual leave, his regular service users call the office to check he is returning to work, which shows he has built up a positive and professional relationship.

Andrei communicates if he is running late and he will also call the service users family too so everyone is kept in the loop, his reporting and recording is excellent and this is evidenced when the daily log audits take place.  The information is factual and informative.  If Andrei is unsure of anything he will always ask and will use the information gathered to ensure that all care given is person centred.

Andrei ensures that when he is delivering care he spends the allocated amount of time with the service users, sometimes the service users may not require a lunch made or a cup or tea but rather than rushing in and out Andrei sits and has a chat.

Andrei is very reliable staff member, he never called off sick, never was late for work; he is respected by the clients, their families and the work colleagues. He enjoys working for Westminster Homecare and very happy that accepted our offer back in October 2016 to come to work for us directly when we used him as an agency staff member.

Andrei  is very loyal to the company and few times mentioned that he is much better financially  with Westminster Homecare then he was an agency worker and we use  Andrei as WHC ambassador  as point of contact for other agency staff if they think about to join the company.  Andrei is  very happy to have his regular round as he already learnt clients preferences and able to make his clients feels better  and looked after on every single visit.

Ely – Jacqui C’s work with CR is brilliant. C’s mum writes on Jacqui’s timesheet every week thanking her for the support. CR has been very unwell in hospital in icu and in an incubator and Jacqui has still been there supporting CR and I am sure she has been supporting CR’s mum through a very difficult time. Jacqui has gone out of her way and contacted CR’s mum to get updates on how he is doing in hospital.

Enfield – Sandra L  did very well in reporting a theft allegation at one of our service user – Sandra continue to monitor the situation and report back to the office immediately

Havering – Rebecca S

Leicester – Ana D worked evening off, very helpful covering staff sickness to ensure all calls are covered. Logs in at all calls where she can or calls the office if there is a problem with logging; timesheets are in every week.  Always completes training; completed Care Certificate to a high standard; eager to learn new skills. All positive feedback from service users, family members asked for her to attend their relatives calls.

Calls the office with any problems including running late and calls to district nurses or GPs. Overall very polite and pleasant nothing too much to complete listens to service users needs and feeds back to office all the time.

Lewisham – Facie R always communicates well with the office she always lets us know if there are problems with any service users. Facie will always help with cover whenever she can, if we phone her last minute she go out of her way to help us.

Luton – Helen C is the go-to person when trying to cover sickness and absences. Helen will often work on her weekend off and she never complains. Call logging 92% for February – Helen always logs in where there is a phone. All training us up to date.

Helen communicates very well with the office and the service users. She always reports to the office if a service user is unwell or if she feels their needs have changed. Helen reads her rota each week and always contacts us if there is an error on her rota. This helps us to avoid missed or late calls.

Milton Keynes – Eddie S will work across all three of our contracts and will always work outside his availability when he is able too. Eddie does use CM2000 and does submit timesheets within a timely manner.

Eddie is all up to date with his training. Eddie will attend various training courses to develop his knowledge. Eddie received very positive feedback from our service users and his fellow colleagues

Eddie does communicate well with our office staff and does inform us about any concerns he may have regarding his service users. Eddie has been a valid member of our Westminster team since 2007. Eddie has a fantastic sickness record and will only take time off work when it is absolutely necessary. Eddie is a very highly thought of carer

Pictured below Eddie (centre) receiving his award from Carol Saunders (left) Care Coordinator and Emma Keane (right) Office Administrator

Norwich – Kerry T helps with extra calls when she can, has worked extra shifts at the weekend.  Kerry’s timesheets are always in on time and she keep sup to date with training.

Kerry is well liked by all her service users and reports all concerns etc to the office and calls to follow these up. Kerry travels out to our N2 block to help cover.

Sheffield – Lauren H is happy to support the branch with ordering service users medication and delivers this to service users in her own time. Picks up extra shifts when days or weekend off.

Lauren always logs both in and out of all her care calls Lauren  always  ensure where calls cannot be logged in to she fills in a timesheet with service users signatures to reflect this. Lauren training is all in date and Lauren is happy to attend any additional training that the branch does offer

Lauren received compliments from most of her service users and also the District Nurse. Lauren always informs the office of any concerns or issues she needs to raise.

Wandsworth – Yvonne C is always ready to help specially when on call is going through crises and always receives compliments from service users and fellow carers too. Yvonne is very good reporting concerns. Yvonne is our trouble-shooter never refuses to cover calls she also helps picking and dropping other carers.

Pictured below Yvonne (centre) receiving her award from Shaina K (left) Branch Manager and Anna O (right) Coordinator