Aylesbury – Lauren BW has been recently made senior and is continuing to update all SU files following an audit both in office hours and in own availability. Lauren’s logging in has improved and Lauren promotes the importance of logging in to new staff and has signed up for for NVQ2. Lauren is a confident carer and SU’s often request her for their visits. Lauren is a good communicator with the team, is able to go resolve isues quickly and will always support new carers. Lauren’s potential is being recognised and Lauren is keen to show that she is ready to progress.

Cambridge – Miho L

Cheltenham – Caroline W  on occasion has helped out at very short notice and outside of her availability to ensure a client’s call was covered. This was not easy for Caroline who was new to the area at the time and had no childcare because her husband was away in the Forces in family lives away. Caroline completes accurate timesheets and submits them on time. Caroline has attended training and seeks advice from the Trainer and office team as needed.  Caroline’s clients all miss her when she is on leave.  She has received nothing but compliments and clients feel confident and reassured when she is on the rota. Caroline reports back any areas for concern and offers relevant suggestions to client problems. Caroline was instrumental in the branch retaining hours from one of our private clients.  The client had decided to cancel the morning care call and only have a call at lunchtime.  Caroline had a good rapport with the family and suggested that, as the client was hoisted out into a chair at lunchtime, it might be possible for her to carry out a care call around 2.30pm to support with hoisting back to bed.  This was met favourably by both client and the office team and was put into practice within days.

Ely – I would like to nominate Tara Burch for her brilliant work with MT, she supports him for his hospital appointments she spent the whole day at the hospital with him being a great advocate and keeping MT calm for his procedure he was having. She always has his best interests at heart and usually works extra with him so he can have a better quality of life without claiming the time. She has stepped up and has been a brilliant supervisor and has supported me thought the last year making my life a little easier. MT is currently on the transplant list and Tara has supported him to understand the process.

Leicester – Sarah C helps cover calls wen needed, she does a 3 hour shop/social call and has made so much progress with the service user.  She logs in her calls and out, calls the office when she has a problem with her logins and completes her training.  From local area Co-ordinator for Leicestershire County Council, Sarah has made a lot of progress with a service user.  Sarah always calls the office if she is not sure about anything or has a concern.  Very polite and willing at her job, gets on really well with the service users and fellow workers.

Luton – Clare C works evening and weekends and is very reliable. Clare has not had a sick day in at least 2 years and she is always willing to pick up extra work when asked.  Clare always logs in where there is a phoneand all her training is up to date. When carrying out telephone monitoring with Clare’s service users, her service users often single her out for praise. Clare communicates very well with the office and the service users. She always reports to the office if a service user is unwell or if she feels their needs have changed. Clare reads her rota each week and always contacts us if there is an error on her rota. This helps us to avoid missed or late calls. Clare is a lovely carer and hasn’t been fazed by the many changes in management in the branch. Clare is always willing to pick up extra calls and is always positive about her service users and the company. Recently while Clare was out working, she received a call informing her that her father has been admitted into hospital with a suspected heart failure. Clare finished her run before she went to see her father. She also reported to work the next day and insisted on working.

Milton Keynes – Lisa K will pick up additional calls during her working day she will help out over the weekend and if possible she will cover absence on her weekend off. Lisa does use CM2000 where possible.  She will attend training and is currently working towards achieving her QCF.  Our senior carer will often compliment Lisa’s care delivery and her service users provide positive feedback from various quality monitoring.  Lisa always informs he office of any issues or concerns and will always communicate with the cooridnators regarding running late.  Lisa is a very passionate care practitioner who goes above and beyond her duty of care.  Lisa socuments daily care logs clearly and concisely.

South Bucks – Mags F is very hardworking,  very friendly, bubbly  and extremely reliable staff member. She always helps us to do extra calls, extra hours, extra days… In our business we always ask for extras as something just gone pear shape and Mags is always our best option due her flexibility and willingness to help. Mags true loggings for January 2017 is 67% and it is extremely high bearing in mind Max done 513 calls in January 2017!!!!

Also some of Mags clients do not let carers to use their phone to log in, some of them do not have working landline phones. All Mags training is up to date. She even did not mind to come on her day off to do the Refresher training!!!!!

Mags has charming personality, very bubbly, friendly and clients like to have a chat with her. She always talks with the client not at the client. Mags is a good carer, she is always aimed to please the client and to does extra miles to make sure they received best possible care. One of our most difficult clients to please is  JS paid a compliment to Mags saying she knows what to do and supports JS in way how she would like to be supported.

The year 2017 is just started but Mags already received 3 compliments from the clients !!! Well done Mags!!! Mags has outstanding observation and reporting skills. There is nothing too much trouble for her and she reports to the office everything what needs to be reported, record the concerns and then asks for updates. Mags does not hesitate to ask for advice if she is not sure how to deal with the situation and opened for new ideas and happy to try everything new.

Mags is respected and valued by her work colleagues, clients and their families. Mags already built a good relationship with her clients and their families. The clients ask about her if somebody else arrived on call.

With support Mags has developed the individuality of each client and put it in to practice and became a very good practitioner. We proud to have Mags in our team and she feels valued and appreciated and loves her job.

Wandsworth – Zara S. usually works weekdays but always helps us to cover calls weekends. Is very good with her login in case any problem she always calls office to report and gets timesheet signed by service users. Zara always gets compliments all her service users like her. Zara does not just report concerns also makes sure office follows up.  Zara is a very responsible carer

Pictured below Zara (centre) receiving her award from Angelina Burton (Left)-care coordinator Shaina Kumar (Right)-Branch Manager