Aylesbury – Laura T is our carer of the month and Aylesbury branch would like to express how fond of her they are.

Picture below Laura (second right) receiving her certificate

Havering – Ateka H.

Leicester – Lorraine G offers to help cover work on most occasions and offers to do extra shifts.  Lorraine has  received really good and positive feedback from service usrs and their families and calls the office with any concerns or if she runs late and reports any issues if the arise. She is a very polite care worker and has finished her QCF 3.

Luton – Alia M. has worked outside of her availability for the past few weeks picking up evening rounds when the office has been short of evening care workers. Alia has also worked on her weekend off to help out. Alia communicates very well with the office and the service users. She always reports to the office if a service user is unwell or if she feels their needs have changed. Alia reads her rota each week and always contacts us if there is an error on her rota. This helps us to avoid missed or late calls.

Milton Keynes – Helen G. is one of our Live in care practitioners. Helen will stay on in packages at very short    notice and is very flexible to what service users she attends to. Helen regularly visits the branch during her Live in breaks and submits her timesheets where necessary. Helen has built up very good working relationships with her service users and their extended families. Helen has frequent discussions with her coordinator and will attend to meetings when asked to. Helen keeps the office informed of any concerns or issues she has with her service users. Helen is a very valid member of the Live in team; she is very dedicated to her role and will endeavour to deliver a high standard of care.

Norwich – Ivetta G. has picked up extra shifts outside her normal availability and worked on her days off and always ensures her time sheets are in on time. Ivetta is very good at reporting concerns to the office and notifying us of any issues.

South Bucks – Narinder T has an excellent availability to work and has often stepped up to the plate when her area is a little bit short of staff. Over time Narinder has built up a positive working relationship with the service users she visits and their family members due to her commitment  to achieving high standards of care, to ensure that all of the needs of the service users are met.

Narinder has 83.2% true logins….WOW this is amazing for the amount of calls Narinder is completing on a monthly basis.  W e will be highlighting these achievements in next month’s staff newsletter so her colleagues can share her joy and know the target to beat. Her training is currently up to date and she does attend all training courses that are required. She has never ever missed a training course that she has been booked for !!!!!  Narinder was offered the opportunity to complete QCF.

Narinder regularly receives compliment about her compassion and standards of care that she delivers, we have some challenging service users and there is one in particular that Narinder visits who used to decline access to the property but through hard work and commitment Narinder has made a huge break through and now the service user is more welcoming and allows us to do more for her.

Narinder communicates transparently and information that she passes on to the office about any concerns or issues she may have regarding the service users is factual and not hearsay.  Narinder is like a dog with a bone (ha- ha), she ensures she follows up on all information she has passed over and likes to know the resolution.

Narinder has been part of Westminster ship since 2010 when she tuped over from Glenore and Narinder has remained a loyal team member who we value and respect very much.  Narinder is very professional and her gentle tone enables her to deal with some challenging situations  that occur in the community and resolves it  for the benefit of the people we support.;

Wandsworth – Jairo RDS is a brilliant carer always goes extra mile to help service users and office. One of our service user lives in shared accommodation his  house was in such a state that none of our carers were  willing to do his calls ,social services was aware of his property too but since Jairo started going to this service user the house is very tidy and clean we had compliments from service user and social services. Every service user Jairo goes  we receive positive feedback and they request them to have him again.

Jairo always log in and logs out Aura is 100% if any issues he informs office immediately and use timesheets if required. Always receive compliments every single service user he visits we get positive feedback and request to have him back.

Jairo always reports any concerns from service users to office also make sure we have    actioned it. Jairo always receive good feed back from service users, very well with time keeping, very polite and caring.Jairo follows WHC policy and procedure undoubtedly all the time while at work.