Congratulations to our November Care Practitioners of the Month.

Aylesbury – Susie D is always willing to go the extra mile and help out with calls additional to her availability.  Always the first carer to offer to pick up shifts requiring covering outside of her availability. Staff always have the pleasure of working with Susie and clients especially like Susie’s kindnatured approach to the job at hand. Overall Susie has proved to be hardworking, caring, competent  care worker. Susie is always willing to help others even after she has worked a full week of work.

Chelmsford – Alan L. is always helps out outside of his availability . He always collects non drivers with no complaints. He also picks up extra calls when we have carers go sick. Alan always attends all of the training and interacts with other carers. Alan is very caring and communicates well with the service users he goes to. He communicates with the office very well, if there are any concerns or changes Alan always reports everything  in. Alan works very well as a team and on his on. He is very caring and is always there to help when we need him.

Cheltenham – Oana-Andreea L. joined us in October. Despite being new to the area and English being her second language, she has risen to the challenge of working everywhere requested without any complaint.  Her rota has sometimes changed at very short notice due to staffing issues and has adpated and taken it in her stride.  Many of our clients become anxious when new carers attend, however, we have had positive feedback from clients.  She contacts us as necessary for support and additioanl information, reports back any areas of concern, asks appropriate questions and responds without delay.  She always responds to phone calls and text messages and doesn’t hesitate to contact the On-Call team if she is unsure.  Oana had already taken a position with another company the day before joining us as we had not received her references, however once these were back, she took a chance and decided to work for Westminster.  She has already proved a valuable asset. Oana is always very positive and reliable, she has progressed quickly and is happy to help cover additional shifts to support our clients and the Cheltenham Team.

Chiswick – Khadra  S. is always willing to help. Does not hesitate to help cover calls on her day off. No concerns with her ECM compliance and timesheets being handed in. If Khadra is going to be late handing in her timesheets she ensures she notifies administrator

Ely – Toby P. in November he managed to encourage AD to stop smoking a task that has been attempted by specialists from HCA’s to consultant psychiatrists who have all failed. He has also supported and guided the team through AD’s chrons disease  and bowel issues including visits to hospital for appointments with the consultant (TP advising and supporting the staff on shift to do this via phone etc).

Enfield – Eszther M. is always willing to accept work outside her availability.  There is a particular service user that we were struggling to cover in the evening because of where she lives and the family are very particular. Eszther has accepted to cover that visit every evening including evenings that she doesn’t even work. Eszther always communicate with the office when she is running late and reports concerns, issues and incidents appropriately. Eszther is very polite and gets on well with other staff members that she works with. Eszther has achieved positive feedback with the short time she has been here with her continued hard work and positive approach to her work she will be an asset to the company and deserves recognition.

Havering – Nosheen N. has worked above and beyond her availability, covering all 4 contracts.  Nosheen is a valued member of staff, anything she is asked of she will try her best to help and gives 100% on everything she does.

Ipswich – Massive Congratulations to Matthew S who has been awarded November Ipswich Employee of the Month following continuous wonderful feedback from ALL his service users. Matthew joined Westminster in July this year and from day 1 has been receiving great feedback from all. Here he is receiving his employee of the month certificate from Ipswich Branch Manager Rhiannon Richards and Field Care Supervisor Cathy Redknap

Lewisham – Kym H. 2 has helped cover the desk and on call duties when we have been a coordinator down, also has attended calls when we have had difficulties.  Kym is also a trainer and was able to cover a course at short notice when the usual trainer was unable to do this.  Always informs office and communicates with social services if any issues arise at service users, also deals with medication issues and liaises with the LIMOS team and pharmacies.

Luton – Kala O’B. always picks up extra work for the office and never complains. She is positive and goes above and beyond her role. Even with a full rota, Kala ensures she provide the highest standard of care. Compliments have been received from the office staff regarding Kala’s helpfulness and positive attitude towards the service users and the company. Kala communicates very well with the office and the service users. Kala always reports to the office if a service user is unwell or if she feels their needs have changed. This enables us to provide a quality personalised service. Kala also reports bad practice to the office so that we can deal with it. Kala has not been with the company for a long time but she is an asset to the team. She is passionate about the elderly and genuinely cares for all of her service users. Kala never complains and always smiles. She has a great relationship with the office staff as well as the service users and is exactly the type of carer the industry needs.

Milton Keynes – Linda P will always pick up calls and work outside of her availability.  SHe has not had any time off sick since starting and is always flexible and always willing to help out when possible.  Linda regularly comes into the office and is always very polite and very positive about Westminster Homecare

Norwich – Patrycja R. has helped cover a lot of extra work, will work her evenings off if needed.  We have received 2 compliments in the last month from service users informing us that Patrycja has gone above and beyond her role. Patrycja always informs the office of concerns, running late etc. Patrycja has been with the company 4 years and is very reliable, will always help, change shifts very short notice. Patrycja is a valued member of our team.

Nottingham – Diane M. regularly picks up additional work when sickness occurs on occasions has changed plans with her voluntary work to ensure she is able to work. Telephone monitoring on her clients always receives great feedback and will contact us with any concerns to seek advice. She has worked here for 3 years with very minimal days of absence, extremely conscientious ensures all service user needs are met co-workers are full of praise for Diane

South Bucks – Helen B. works every other weekend but does complete 4 morning calls every Saturday and Sunday to promote continuity of care for the service users she visits.  She recently received 4 compliments from DL, FP, AW and JL.  Helen works on her own initiative in the community and if she encounters an issue she resolves it and then informs the office, She is a friendly approachable member of staff and is a good mentor for newbies. Helen is a great ambassador for Westminster Homecare and displays best practice in the community, we even received a compliment from a member of the public who saw Helen walking in the community, smartly dressed regardless of the weather.  We wish we could clone Helen!!!!! She is a real team player who never lets us down, a true star!!!!!

Pictured below Helen receiving her certificate and vouchers from Lucy K Branch Manager

Southwark – Claudina J. is always willing to help pout when she can even on short notice.  She will ensure her service users receive all the care they require before leaving her visits.  The ambulance crew called to give Claudina a compliment, they said she was doing a remarkable job with Mrs. L. really looks after her well.  The ambulance was called after Claudina found her on the floor on Saturday morning.  She was checked over but not taken to hospital.  Claudina has very good communication with office staff and other care practitioners.  Very reliable, works hard, really does a good job with all her service users.  You can rely on Claudina anytime, she has received good feedback from 3 of her service users, therefore she deserves to be recognised for all the good work she is doing.

Symal House – Holly S. is highly recommended by all Key Professionals that meet her. Holly will always offer to help outside her availability. She is caring, professional and hardworking, kind and a great Team player.

Wandsworth – Augustine A. most of the time helps the team to cover calls outside her usual availability specially Sundays Augustine always receives compliments from her service user. Augustine is very hard working, reliable and caring.

Pictured below is Augustine receiving her certificate from Shaina K. Branch Manager and with Anna O. Coordinator.