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Westminster Homecare’s philosophy embodies a culture which values people. We also recognise that these individual’s are what formalise the foundations of a community, large or small. Throughout our time supporting communities across the country we have gradually gained a respectful awareness of the surrounding environment. As our knowledge and affiliation with the environment has grown, over the last four years this has now become a crucial part of our company values. 

Whether we like it or not none of us can escape the consistent reports of concern relating to that of climate change and the ever growing increase in carbon emissions, created by both businesses and our own domestic lifestyles. 

Within our ever growing hectic lifestyles it can seem hard, or even unimportant to make little changes in our behavior which could potentially help fight this ever growing issue. For you and I to believe that just one individual or just one business can make an essential difference, is it really worth us making the effort at all? 

In 2007 we signed up ISO 14001. This accreditation is essentially an internationally recognised standard that sets out how a business can implement an effective Environmental Management System. The standard is designed to address the balance between maintaining a business’ profitability and to essentially reduce its environmental impact. The process of the standard enables us to identify aspects of our business that impacts on the environment. We then have to formulate objectives for improvement and a structured management programme to achieve them, with regular reviews on our performance for the necessity of continual improvement. 

We recognise that day-to-day operations can impact both directly and indirectly on the environment. We therefore fundamentally aim to protect and improve the environment through good management and by adopting best practice wherever possible. Policies and procedures are designed to meet requirements set out to push our company forward in achieving its aims and objectives. We continually endeavour to integrate environmental considerations into our business decisions and to adopt greener alternatives wherever possible. 

It is not always an easy choice to opt for the welfare of our environment over the needs of a business, that of individuals or even our own lifestyles, but through the ongoing development of our Environmental Programme we have come to see first hand the positives of being responsible and taking what action we can to ensure the safety of the environment we all live in. 

We understand that continuous improvement must be made, being maintained through regular auditing and reviewing of the standards and our performance in all aspects of our organisation. With the out-put of emissions being inevitable we also recognise that emissions cannot be reduced fully. We therefore wanted, where possible, to try and offset these negative out-puts with that of a positive one. To offset a percentage of our company’s emissions in October 2011 we became apart of the ‘trees for business campaign’ through Carbon Managers. www.carbonmanagers.com . Carbon Managers facilitate tree plantations here in the UK, with planting taking place in Alladale Reserve located thirty minutes drive north of Inverness. The programme set out by the Carbon Managers team also supports the Challenge Trust, an organisation that supports young people from deprived areas develop and grow through participation in outdoor activities. One hundred thousand trees have been planted in the reverse so far and the team at Carbon Managers have made a pledge to plant a further twenty thousand trees through this scheme which we have become apart of. With 2011 being our first year involved in the project we have become a ‘tree 100 company’. This is a small gesture, but one we are proud of. As our Environmental Programme progresses we hope that the part we play in our reduction and offsetting programmes will also grow and fundamentally encourage more businesses within our sector and individual’s like you and I to become apart of making a necessary difference for today and the future. 

“Tomorrows climate change is today’s challenge – 
Be responsible THINK GREEN” 

For further support and advice, below is a list of useful links to help you join us in working towards making a difference: 






Tania Main
Environmental Manager