When you begin to need care and support it can feel that you’re losing the independence to choose your own lifestyle and continue with your familiar routine. Personalisation is an approach to care that places you at the heart of all decision making and allows you to be in control of the care services received. A personal care budget may be provided directly to you or your family, or may be held on your behalf and can be spent on the care and support you need, when you need it most. You will be able to complete your own assessment and, together with us, a care and support plan will be designed and tailored to your specific needs, reflecting your choices.

The independence and control provided by this approach to care could have many benefits for you and your family by helping you to:

• Live independently
• Stay healthy and recover quickly from illness
• Exercise maximum control over your chosen lifestyle
• Sustain your family unit
• Continue to participate as an active member of your family and community
• Have the best possible quality of life, irrespective of illness or disability
• Retain maximum dignity
• Learn new life skills