We strive to provide the best possible service to each and every service user we work with. So it is always nice when we receive positive feedback from our service users, their family and friends, or even other professionals that work with them Please see below just some of the lovely testimonials we have received:

Beechwood Court

(extract from compliment received)

I have been meaning write this email but I have had lots organise since my Aunty moved into Beechwood Court there’s not been a moment spare to be honest, but I wanted to thank you personally as your leadership skills are remarkable.  I am very impressed; I have not met such devoted individuals in my life like you.  The way you all work like a machines nonstop literally to care for the most vulnerable it’s assurance of that level which helped us gain the confidence we truly needed.  Thank you so much for giving my Aunty an opportunity to get better and to be given a fair chance while she moved in to Beechwood Court.

All the management team you, (names removed) & the carers are an asset to Westminster Homecare.  It’s really impressive the level of understanding and care all round which has helped us as a family to deal with all the obstacles we have experienced.  To overcome these has not been easy but we as family are really grateful & appreciate the care & support and can’t thank you all enough.  Every single carer & even the cleaners are lovely with a caring nature; we have learnt so much from all of you.  It’s not an easy job you all do but you all make it look easy which shows skills of professional credibility; 5 stars in my family’s opinion.

We received honest advice & solutions to overcome any issues.  Our Aunty is happy and is finally settling in which she could not have done without all of your team’s patience & support.  Since Aunty moved in we hope for many happy days now.  We are happy to assist & support with anything you need to help with auntie’s care and will continue to support with her daily care with the help of your devoted carers god bless them all.

Our sincerest of apologies for any inconvenience caused by my Aunty while in the settling in period.  Thank you for the understanding, care and consideration it’s meant a lot to us all to give her the fair chance she really needed & deserved.

We hope for goods days and now to look forward to everyday to see my Aunty singing away.   She has her own new best friend and it makes us happy with her progress in making other new friends.  I’m very certain it will continue with all support & care from your team I truly believe everything will be OK.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to you all.

We appreciate everyone and the efforts please keep up the good work.  In my family’s eyes you are all angels in disguise for our Aunty, god bless you & all your dedicated team.  Please don’t ever hesitate to contact me or my parents with anything required we there support indefinitely anytime.



Our family would like to especially thank {name removed} for all her help, {names removed} (and rest of your Carers) for the excellent care that our father has received since the beginning of the year and especially during lockdown

We have been very impressed with the high standard of care that have been maintained during lockdown which has kept the residents at Greenfields Coronavirus free, we are very grateful for the service you provide and all your hard work at this challenging time.

It is a great relief for us to know that our father is well cared for whilst the Covid 19 restrictions have been in place.

Priory View

I am writing on behalf of our family in memory of our beloved (name removed) who sadly passed away on 22nd April following a long battle with cancer.
(name removed) was one of the first residents at Priory View when it first opened and she was absolutely thrilled to be living there !
She loved her time there, she loved her apartment, her neighbours, all the staff, the carers …….pretty much the whole experience made her so happy and we feel, helped her fight her illness with grit and determination as she wanted to continue to enjoy her life there to the full for as long as she possible could !
As a family, we particularly want you to be aware of the support, care and advice we all received during her time there from (name removed) and her team, but especially (name removed).
As (name removed)’s main carer in the family, I spent a lot of time at Priory View, at first to enjoy the cafe, salon, events etc with (name removed), but sadly towards the end of her life, we needed support and care from (name removed), her team and all the Westminster Care team, who under the direction of the lovely (name removed), were just all amazing, in and out of her apartment as she became too unwell to venture out. Their care was second to none and (name removed) was so pleased to have their support , as was I. (name removed) made sure (name removed) got every need met as soon as each need arose, she helped us deal with the whole process of accessing the District Nurses, GP on call and and aids (name removed) needed to make life more comfortable at each stage as her illness worsened. There was never any delay, what (name removed) felt was needed, she actioned it immediately, despite how very busy her day always was !!
When (name removed) finally had to leave her beloved apartment to go into Hospice Care, (name removed) supported us every step of the way, and made sure we were coping and all our needs were being met. She remained in contact throughout and was a huge help to me.
She was there for us when (name removed) passed away, and has helped us through the painful process of dealing with paperwork and the final clearing of (name removed)’s apartment which we did as a family, under very testing and emotional circumstances.
(name removed) did all of this while handling extremely difficult circumstances for herself, her staff and all the residents under her care there at Priory View.
In our opinion, that lady is an Angel, a star, a hero……the list goes on.
We can never thank her enough for all she did for (name removed) and for all of us.
There’s always been such a welcoming feel to Priory View and there will be again when this awful situation has passed. All the staff are so friendly, professional and their priority is the welfare, enjoyment and safety of the residents.
You can see this on a daily basis around the property.
We will definitely continue to visit there and enjoy the public facilities on offer, I particularly have made many friends of the residents and the staff and want to keep those friendships going.
We cannot recommend the property highly enough in this area, as assisted living for over 55’s becomes the way forward for the ageing population.
We would like to thank everyone who was involved in (name removed)’s living experience there and for making it so much more fulfilled and happy and comfortable for her.
We wish everyone the very, very best and hope everyone continues to remain safe, well and that they can get back to life as we knew it.

Team Bill

We are writing in connection with the care you have been providing for our Dad, (name & address removed for anonymity purposes) arranged via Enfield Council.  Sadly Dad passed away on 20 December 2019 at North Middlesex Hospital.  Dad had been receiving care in his home since 2011, after suffering a major stroke.  Getting adequate home care from the outset and at times throughout the years has been a battle.  Dad was only part funded in the last 18 months so he has always paid towards the care he received.  We do not have the answers for how to improve and make the care system better.  This letter is not about these issues, the funding arrangements or the inadequate pay (and contracts) for carers.  It is about expressing out gratitude for the care Dad did receive.

Dad’s main carer, covering most of the shifts, for a large amount of these years has been (name removed). He is a superb carer.  We found him to be extremely professional and reliable. He was a fundamental part of the support system, we as a family, had in place to ensure Dad’s health and welfare was maintained.

He has impeccable time keeping.  This reliability was something really important to Dad (it must be to others) as Dad would get stressed/upset to the point of it affecting his physical health, if the routine was interrupted.

He was the utmost professional carer. He was always in uniform (apron, gloves etc) with his ID badge.  He always signed in and out properly and wrote up the notes of visit accurately.  He took his duties and responsibilities for caring for Dad very seriously with the attention required. He would also go that “extra mile” to ensure Dad’s welfare was maintained to the best it could be. E.g. he would contact us and/or a medical practitioner (phone for an ambulance) making the correct judgement call if he was concerned Dad’s health had deteriorated.  Dad did get lots of infections and his quick response from his home acre visit, where he used his initiative and professionalism, in different situations, really did mean that we could make sure Dad got the treatment needed ASAP.  (name removed) covered some shifts and was also a carer that was very good at her job.

Both whilst always remaining professional, did spend time to get to know Dad and understand his personality and character.  This was so important to Dad and an integral part of his well-being and care.  Dad was fiercely independent and struggled throughout the years with accepting he needed help.  Both let Dad be as independent as he could, despite his physical disabilities and difficulties, but were always doing their job properly to assist and provide the necessary care required.

Dad certainly felt like he lost a lot of control over how he was living life (he had) but the fact that (name removed) recognised & picked up this in how he cared for Dad helped enormously.  Dad was a very socialable (sic) person.  He struggled with the loss of independence and lack of ability to purse (sic) his interests and hobbies and get out of his house independently.  (name removed) took the time during his visits to listen and chat with Dad about Dad’s life and interests.  Both called Dad by his first name.  Dad did not like being called a service user.  As Dad said “I am a person.  I am Bill”.  We think this is a simple but pertinent point and surely a simple fix within the system.  You do need to make sure the person being looked after feels all those involved in their care treat as the individual they are.

There is an undefinable aspect (i.e. you cannot write it into a job description) to the job of looking and caring for people that shines through in the way that (name removed) does his job.  You probably cannot teach/train carers about this.  We saw that (name removed) has this undefinable quality throughout how he looked after Dad.  (name removed) is in the right profession as he genuinely does care and want the best for those he is charged with looking after.  Dad use to get stressed and worried if (name removed) went on holiday about who was looking after him.  When (name removed) was back Dad would say “everything is all right now I have (name removed) back”.  As an example of this genuine care (name removed) would visit Dad (in his own (i.e not work) time) when Dad was in hospital or in respite care (the latter only when we went on holiday sometimes).  Dad went into North Middlesex Hospital at the beginning of December 2019 and (name removed) made frequent visits to see him.  We will be forever grateful to (name removed) as these visits did bolster Dad’s spirits in his last few weeks and was an important link to Dad’s life back home.

We obviously have experienced, over the years, other carers.  To be blunt some have been awful, others clearly trying but possibly due to the lack of experience/training just haven’t really been up to the job.  We have no doubt that (name removed) must be one of the best carers working in the Enfield area and we felt we had to write this letter to express our heart-felt thanks for everything (name removed) done for Dad, and therefore our family, over the years.  We had a saying that all those people (family members, close friends, (names removed), cleaner, district nurse and pharmacist, food delivery man) involved in aspects of Dad’s care and well-being were part of “Team Bill”.  We know that without all of Team Bill we could not have ensured Dad stayed in his own home.  As a final comment/compliment to (name removed) I can honestly say that all family members who met (name removed) at Dad’s house (and even the pharmacisits who delivered the weekly medication) would say how wonderful a carer (name removed) is and that his devotion to his job and looking after Dad was superb.

Central London Community Healthcare Trust

To whom it may concern, I attended a client of ours this am and two of your carers were present I believe their names are (names removed), I just  wanted to compliment them both on the quality of care they provided, it is so nice to see carers who genuinely care.  My client is genuinely appreciative of the carers and feels fortunate to have such quality care

I hope they are recognized for the wonderful care they provide, we are all to quick to criticize but slow to praise and I have to say I would love people like them to look after my loved ones. I hope you are very proud to have such wonderful staff

(name removed) ,  community staff nurse

Forest Hill

I am writing to you with regards to the care of my grandmother, (name removed) both as a family member and as a medical professional (I am a doctor).

I would like to formally state that the care she receives from (name removed) has been exceptional. (name removed) regularly goes above and beyond for my grandmother, taking time for example to learn how to make Indian tea, dressing her in Indian clothes, helping with her food and medications and most importantly being there to listen to her.

Whilst some of these tasks are part of a carer’s role, I firmly believe (name removed) does more than that. For example she is so on it that when the MARS chart is due to end, she has pre ordered it, when my grandmas favourite snack is about to end, she lets us know so we can buy it in advance and she has even learnt words of Punjabi to better communicate with her! As a doctor, I have never seen anyone in the social sector work harder or care more. I often feel she does more than we, her family, could do. For that I am truly grateful. Most important my grandmother looks forward to (name removed) visits and I do feel sometimes it’s the only thing that gets her through the day – knowing she has such a lovely friendly caring face. So much so my gran calls (name removed) her daughter – and she has been very much so.

My mother passed away several years ago so my gran lives with my dad. Unfortunately he is a very difficult man who has been diagnosed with depression so can be quite awkward at times. We have explained that (name removed) visits are during a window of time and although he understands that, he can sometimes be very awkward. I would therefore kindly ask you to disregard any negative comments he may make about (name removed) as having been there myself, I can assure you categorically they are not true. Quite the opposite. I have never met anyone so professional and so caring as (name removed) . I sincerely hope that when my time comes, I will be blessed to have someone like her care for me.

I would also finally like to nominate her for a local award if such things are available. I know they are in healthcare for example we have community nurse of the year award etc but not sure about social care. Please do let me know.

Finally I’d like to thank your agency for providing ongoing care to my Grandmother during these difficult times – we cannot tell you how much a lifeline it literally is.

So much appreciated

(name removed)

Thank you

my name is (name removed) and have been in your care since February 22 2020

My date of birth is (removed) and I have been delighted by the devotion and sense of duty bestowed on me by my carers and I feel so much better. Without  them I would be at a loss to know how to manage myself. Very many thanks. I treasure the ten minutes or so they spend on me every day and always look forward to their visits

Symal House

And also a big thank you,   particularly to (names removed) for all the many kindnesses that they showed (name removed).   His death has been a great shock to the family –  we thought he would go on forever like our dad –  but at least it was quick and pain-free,   and took place in his favourite fish and chip shop,  Skippers,  eating his favourite meal


Dear (name removed),

Re: (name & address removed)

As you are aware, my father died at home on 4th April.

On behalf of the family, I just wanted to thank you and all the carers who looked after my father over the years.

My father reached 101 years old and we were pleased that we could arrange matters so that he could stay in his own family home to the very end. For him to die in his sleeps and at home is a comfort to the family.

I do understand that it is a difficult job that your staff undertake so I would like you to pass on out sincere thanks to the carers for all the assistance and care they showed to my father.

I wish you and all the staff at Westminster Homecare the very best and hope that you all stay safe during these difficult times.


extract of an email received, the granddaughter lives in another country and watches her Nan on a camera…

“Just wanted to say I watched the 2 carers at lunchtime with nan they were brilliant with her, gave her 3 choices of food, even cleaned her nails”

That’s nice.


I just wanted to convey my gratitude towards some truly exceptional members of staff you have working for your company.

My nan has dementia and unfortunately she is covid positive. I am well aware of the stigmas surrounding such patients and some carers understandably stepped away but if it wasn’t for some unbelievably steadfast workers you have I don’t know what I would do during this time of crisis.

I wish to commend the following exemplary members of staff:

(names removed).

I have been truly touched by their efforts and these ladies deserve a raise! They are to be applauded.

My Immense gratitude,

(name removed)

Thank you

I am writing to commend the very excellent work of my three Carers without whome (sic) I would be in a very poor condition indeed. They are friendly, professional and dedicated and are a credit to Westminster Homecare. Long may my association with them continue. They are a credit Westminster Homecare. Thankyou

Thank you

I just wanted to get in touch to praise one of your staff members. The lady’s name is (name removed) and she has been taking care of my Mum in (address removed). Not only is she good with my Mum, putting her at ease and providing the care she needs, but we have recently lost our Dad and she has shown such compassion to the rest of our family. I have been very touched and impressed by (name removed) and feel that she should be commended for the respect she has shown at this sad time.

Social Worker Brent

As discussed, I wanted to email following my review with (name remove) yesterday, Both (name removed) and her family are extremely grateful to both you and the carers attending; for all of your support and expressed to me how your service has truly had an amazing and positive impact on (name removed)’s life and well-being.

So I would like to thank you and your team for the hard work and dedication, you have put into supporting this client.

Waltham Forest

I was searching for the email directly to “(name removed)” the team leader (i think?) for the Waltham Forest/Walthamstow, London area. I cannot him mentioned on your website.

I would like to commendate (sic) both (name removed), and the second carer, named (name remove), that has been sent to chaperone mum, for 6 hours, per one day per week, to give myself respite.

Both these employees deserve MUCH praise. I apologise, but I do not know either of their surnames.

Both these Westminster HomeCare employees deserve the highest praise for their dedication to their roles.

I felt (name removed) genuinely listened to the initial dissatisfaction we all had with the first-sent carer.

And at no point in the discussion with (name removed), did I think he seemed bored or not listening. He was truly an ambassador for Westminster Homeware.

I also wish to express my relief and joy, for (name removed), the day carer, to be now assigned to my mother’s one day -per week daycare.

(name removed)  had so, so much in common with my mother, my mum felt like she was being looked after by a family member. (name removed)

not only treated mum as a friend, she also made sure my mother had food and was comfortable between the time that her shift ended, and the time when I could arrive back with my mum.

Mum is very much now looking forward to her “carer’s day”, rather than dreading it as was the previous case.


I have been a client of Westminster Care (Cheltenham) for a little over 6 months now. I thought the time was right to say thank you for the quality of service your team has delivered from the outset.

After 10 months in Hospital receiving treatment for a life-changing and debilitating condition,  I am now wholly dependent on others for the most basic personal care needs, On discharge in November last year, I was excited about coming home and yet apprehensive about how I would cope with the challenges that awaited me..

My son had canvassed several Care suppliers in advance of my discharge. We settled on your company for a number of reasons but primarily because my son had, and I quote, “a warm fuzzy feeling” that your company could best deliver the services I required. The last 6 months has vindicated that assessment.

All of the Care staff on your team who have attended to my Care needs over the last 6 months, have done so in a friendly and professional manner. They have adapted well to the challenges I present, as they go about the various tasks that make up my daily routine.

My thanks extend in equal measure to the oft forgotten ‘back office’ staff. On numerous occasions, (name removed) has had occasion to telephone the office with various enquiries and requests to amend or adjust my care support needs. Without exception, these have not only been accommodated but have been dealt with in a friendly and supportive way.

We would like to pass on our thanks to one and all. Without exception, they are all a credit to and ambassadors for Westminster Care (Cheltenham).

Whilst this message of thanks is directed to the team as a whole, it would be remiss of me not to single out two individuals for special mention. I am, of course, referring to my principal carers, (names removed). It is difficult to put into words what these two very special people have come to mean to both us.

My condition is such that both my physical and emotional state can change on a daily basis. On arrival, (names removed) have proven to be very adept at quickly assessing my ‘mood’ for that day. If things are not going well, they go about their care duties in a calm, caring and compassionate manner. When I am having a better time of it, they are both friendly and engaging, but no less caring. They invariably brighten my day.

On my behalf, could you please forward the following personal message of thanks to (names removed . I am sure they will understand it.