Gwen is 92 and has many varying ailments, these caused her to fall often and in August she suffered a compound fracture of her spine that hospitalised her for three weeks. When she was discharged she received domiciliary care support four times a day.

Her family were very concerned, as she was unsafe to be left alone in her home, however, Gwen has lived in this house since marrying her husband when she was 17 in 1939. Her children and one of her grand children were all born in the house and Gwen has always wanted to stay at home.

After discharge, the family supported Gwen alongside the care agency but it became clear by September that this wasn’t sustainable. A live in carer was placed with Gwen in October 2014.

Since having live in care, Gwen has not fallen. She has a varied social life, enjoying days out at a local residential home, where she has made new friends, she enjoys shopping trips and is brighter and more cheerful in her mood. Small things have changed, making a huge difference, Gwen looks forward to daily life, rather than just waiting for it to happen to her.

Her daughter, Sally is the main carer for Gwen and she has been able to return to work and enjoy her mum’s company as a daughter, rather than her carer.