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Westminster Homecare can provide personal care and support that will help you remain independent in your home.

We are committed to the vision of supporting people to ‘live a better life’ which is achieved through the delivery of an enabling service that meets the highest standards and supports individuals to exercise personal choice and control, maintain their independence, dignity and quality of life in the comfort of their own home.

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Working in care is a popular career choice, as you can make a direct and immediate difference to the lives of others. Joining Westminster Homecare will open the door to a challenging but rewarding career that offers immense job satisfaction.

The numbers of people aged 85+ in England increased by almost a third over the last decade and will more than double over the next two decades.

By their late 80s, more than one in three people have difficulties undertaking five or more tasks of daily living unaided and between a quarter and a half of the 85+ age group are frail, which explains why it is people in this oldest cohort who are most likely to need health services and care support.


Our 97% client satisfaction rate is unparalleled in our field.

I just wanted to get in touch to praise one of your staff members. Not only is she good with my mum, putting her at ease and providing the care she needs, but we have recently lost our dad and she has shown such compassion to the rest of the family. I have been very touched and impressed by (name removed) and feel that she should be commended for the respect she has shown at this sad time.

Care Receiver’s family

To whom it may concern, I attended a client of ours this AM and two of your carers were present, I believe their names are (names removed). I just wanted to compliment them both on the quality of care they provided, it is so nice to see carers who genuinely care. My client is genuinely appreciative of the carers and feels fortunate to have such quality care. I hope they are recognized for the wonderful care they provide, we are all to quick to criticize but slow to praise and I have to say I would love people like them to look after my loved ones. I hope you are very proud to have such wonderful staff.

Central London Community Healthcare Trust

I am writing to commend the very excellent work of my three carers without whome (sic) I would be in a very poor condition indeed. They are friendly, professional and dedicated and are a credit to Westminster Homecare. Long may my association with them continue. They are a credit to Westminster Homecare. Thankyou

Care Receiver

Lewisham. I just wanted to convey my gratitude towards some truly exceptional members of staff you have working for your company. My nan has dementia and unfortunately she is covid positive. I am well aware of the stigmas surrounding such patients and carers understandably stepped away but if it wasn’t for some unbelievably steadfast workers you have I don’t know what I would do during this time of crisis. I wish to commend the following exemplary members of staff: (names removed). I have been truly touched by their efforts and these ladies deserve a raise! They are to be applauded.

Care Receiver’s Granddaughter



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